Chutzpah! The Musical (Staged Reading)

Chutzpah! The Musical (Staged Reading)
Center for Social Innovation, 601 West 26th Street - 11th floor, New York, NY

Jeffrey is honored to have some of his music featured in Chutzpah! The Musical.

Chutzpah! is an irreverent musical comedy about a Jewish girl from Long Island who runs away from home and gets a job at a Manhattan deli. No sooner does she learn the difference between a kishka and a tuches that she discovers the deli is a front for a burlesque club run by Orthodox Jews! Will she make it as a burlesque dancer? Will she make it with the club’s DJ? Will she reconcile with her family? Or will her idea to use her father’s new polysaccharide as a tool for sexual liberation be the answer to a repressed society’s dysfunctionality? A smart and funny look at modern Jewish values and the sexual hypocrisies behind the traditions.  

Come to this benefit reading to raise funds for Camp del Corazon, a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides year-round experiential opportunities for children faced with the challenges of growing up and living with heart disease.

Young Professional, 1 ticket to Chutzpah!: $35
Group Heart Friend Package, Includes 4 tickets for Young Professionals: $120
Fun Heart, includes a drink at the reception after the show: $50
Generous Heart, includes open bar: $125
Golden Heart Donor, Includes performance, open bar and immense gratitude: $500
Sponsor a Heart, Sponsor a camper for a week of camp: $1500

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