About JPB

"Sounds like Billy Joel meets Josh Groban at an 80s tribute concert!"

Billboard Award Winning singer-songwriter Jeffrey Paul Bobrick is quickly becoming a fixture on the New York music scene. Recently honored by American Songwriter Magazine, "JPB" is creating a buzz on the east coast with his thoughtful music and powerful live performances. He is constantly writing new music and hopes to continue to record and perform not only throughout the United States but the world.

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"This is better than normal pop. It's poetic and philosophical and it appeals to me. It's very good!!"

- Andres

"I love your music. It just is soo deep. I love the sound of it! You are definitly original and I think thats what I like about your voice the most!"

- Bethy

"Your music is edgy and different. You have a very strong distinctive voice...Something in your song and your voice pulled me in. I would love to hear more of your work in the future. You definitely have a talent that is rare and passionate."

- Debbie

"The lyrics even...are SO true and what a lot of people are thinking but don't know how to say it."

- Dayna

"I had your songs stuck in my head all day. This reminded me of something that my high school music teacher told me once. He said 'Good music should move your heart, your mind, and your feet.' I realize that your music moves me in all of those ways."

- Liam

"I love your music, i think its really cool, and has a great sound that is different from anything else i've heard."

- TJ Greenway

"your lyrics are amazing. i love it."

- Emilie

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