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For Prince Fans! 

This summer, I was honored to attend a celebration of the 35th Anniversary of Prince’s Under The Cherry Moon, held by Purple Paisley Brunch! Guests included stars from the film Jerome Benton and Emmanuelle Salet, Prince discovery and backup singer extraordinaire Sueann Carwell, and costume designer Vaughn Terry, who basically created Prince's classic purple look! 

I was asked to write an article about this event, which has been published by The Violet Reality! Check it out here: https://thevioletreality.com/escaping-the-pandemic-with-a-purple-paisley-reunion-ppbs-under-the-cherry-moon-35th-anniversary-a802446d75f1

Pandemic, Plans and Purpose 

My Dear Fans and Friends,

During this time of uncertainty, I am dealing with my own additional uncertainty, as my parents tackle health challenges. As their loving son, I am their by their side.

Musically, I am quieter than usual. However, I am working on new songs in the silence, and am excited to share them with you soon.

Thank you for your support, your love, and for always making me feel welcome.

Take good care of yourselves and of team human.

As far as my music, I promise...the best is yet to come!



Thank you, NERFA 

Many thanks to all my friends at NERFA Music Conference for a wonderful event! I was so happy to perform and be part of it. To see a livestream of the Big Orange Tent Open Circle at NERFA music conference!, click here: https://www.facebook.com/alanrowoth/videos/10156987224468867/ I’m about 50 minutes in and then again around 1 hr and 48 minutes in! Of course there’s lots of great music before, after and in between! Thanks Alan Rowoth!

Also. here are some great pics from the event!

Remembering Michael Jackson 

Today is the 10th anniversary of the passing of the "King of Pop," Michael Jackson. I loved Michael and had the amazing opportunity to meet him twice. I mourn the loss of a great American artist and humanitarian. 

When I think of Michael Jackson, I don't only think about arguably the greatest entertainer who has ever lived. I also think about the humanitarian who contributed an estimated $300 million dollars to charities, and who, when on tour, would often visit as many children's hospitals as he gave performances. Michael's commitment to people and the planet, as well as his music, inspire me to this day. 

If you want to be a little sad, but also smile, please take a look at this live in studio performance from me 10 years ago:

Billboard Award Winning singer-songwriter Jeffrey Paul Bobrick is quickly becoming a fixture on the New York music scene. Recently honored by American Songwriter Magazine, "JPB" is creating a buzz on the east coast with his thoughtful music and powerful live performances. He is constantly writing new music and hopes to continue to record and perform not only throughout the United States but the world.

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Praise for Jeffrey Paul Bobrick

"Jeffrey Paul Bobrick writes very clever, bright and intelligent songs. Great writing, lovely music. It's wonderful!"

- Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame DJ Joey Reynolds

"I got it and liked it the moment I heard you sing. You're a brave artist. I'm feeling it."

- Grammy Award Winning Producer/Composer/Performer Nile Rodgers

“I like your lighthearted carefree musical approach and vibe.”

- Great American Song Contest

“Jeffrey Paul Bobrick is a singer with great vocal control who tells a story with an honesty and sincerity that makes his music strangely appealing.”

- Sandie Reilly, co-producer, '...Horses Sing None Of It!'

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