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JPB News (2009 and earlier)

JPB will be a guest performer on Friday night at the Five Points Variety Hour in Chinatown. Headliner is Kevin So!

NEW BLOG! **ReW & WhO?**

JPB will be appearing on online talk show **ReW & WhO?**. Check it out LIVE on Wednesday 12/2 from 5:15pm-5:30pm EST:

Happy Thanksgiving! JPB recently returned from New Orleans. While he was there, he and many others worked on homes with Habitat for Humanity. Take a look at this new blog and/or youtube vlog.

To see highlights from the NERFA music conference, including exclusive performances, please click here.

Jeffrey will be performing at the NERFA music conference the weekend of November 13-15, 2009

Check JPB's Blog for an exclusive review of "Michael Jackson's This Is It!" Click here to read and comment!

Jeffrey will be taping segments for the podcasts One Minute How-To and The Jiggy Jaguar Show. Watch this space for more info!

Happy Birthday Michael Jackson! JPB has a new blog in Michael's honor. Click here to read and comment!

JPB gave a special surprise performance tonight in Connecticut. Hundreds of people were there and it was a night never to be forgotten. JPB thanks everyone in attendance!


Jeffrey's appearance on The Joey Reynolds Show went so well that one of the other guests booked Jeffrey! Comedian Jackie Martling asked JPB to join him at the Iridium on Broadway for his "JokeLand on Broadway" show. Jeffrey will be performing "Michael (The One And Only)" at the Iridium on Wednesday, July 22nd at 9pm. See the Shows page for more information.

On Tuesday night / Wednesday morning, July 15th at 1:30am, Jeffrey will be appearing on WOR radio's The Joey Reynolds Show. This will be his third appearance as a guest on the show. Joey Reynolds is a lengendary DJ and radio personality and Jeffrey is very excited to be back on the show. You can listen live on 710am or through WOR's streaming web site around the world.

Jeffrey's song "Michael (The One And Only)" is now available as a Pay-What-You-Want Download. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the song will be given to children's charities, starting with the Children’s Defense Fund, a children’s charity that Michael himself supported. Jeffrey asks that you spread the word about this song by emailing the link to your friends and family.

On Saturday, July 4th, Jeffrey will be a special guest on Reverend Al Sharpton's radio show tribute to Michael Jackson. This will air live on WLIB 1190 am from 9am-11am EST. Jeffrey is schedule to appear close to 9:30 to perform live the world premeire of "Michael (The One and Only)," his tribute to Michael Jackson. If you do not have access to this station, you should be able to listen live on the Internet through their live stream:

Jeffrey will be the opening act for  "Eternally Bueller Presents: A Little Respect: A Night of 80s New Wave and Synth-Pop" on July 18th, at 10:00 pm in New York. He will be performing for 20-25 minutes — all 80s New Wave and Synth-Pop Classics! Click here for details.

"My love and appreciation for Michael Jackson reaches farther than most of you could imagine. I've met him, I am thankful for his life and for his amazing contributions to the world."

- Jeffrey Paul Bobrick

Jeffrey is performing in Make Music New York on June 21st, the first day of summer and Father's Day. This will be his second year in a row performing in “the largest music event ever to grace Gotham” (Metro New York).
Click here for details about his 3 free concerts.

Happy Mother's Day! Check out JPB's Mother's Day Vlog!

Jeffrey is playing the legendary Postcrypt Coffeehouse at Columbia University on April 25, 2009 at 8:30pm. This is a free show with free popcorn. Click here for more info.

Jeffrey taped two cable tv appearances this week. He was interviewed on both shows and performed on both shows. Watch this space for information on air dates.

Today is Jeffrey's birthday. Happy Birthday JPB! Next month, Jeffrey will be taping two appearances on cable tv shows. "Alive with Clive" in Westchester and "The Arts" in Long Island. These appearances will include both interview and performance segments and will air later this year.

The new has been officially launched just in time for Valentine's Day. Please bookmark the site and visit often! In honor of Valentine's Day, JPB's live cover of "Tainted Love" has been added to his youtube page. Click here to see "Tainted Love."  (make sure to pause the site-wide music player)

Jeffrey will be performing at Garden Stage in Long Island on February 6th, 2009.

New JPB Blog: "Barak Obama Inauguration, History and Learning To Believe." Monday was Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Tuesday was a day of dreams fulfilled. Now it is Wednesday and we... Click here to read.

New JPB Blog: "Happy 2009!!!" Peace and harmony throughout the upcoming year. Your support and encouragement mean so much... Click here to read.

In 2008, Jeffrey participated in the NERFA music conference. This was a big success for him and he got a lot of great feedback on his three performances at NERFA. He also recently performed at  backyart in Brooklyn. He had a fantastic time and has posted live videos from the house concert on his youtube page. He is, as always, working on new songs.

Jeffrey's song, "When You Are Free," is being used to promote Barak Obama's campaign for President. Click here to see the video, directed by Ben Nathan.  (make sure to pause the site-wide music player)

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