"It's Chanukah!" Receives 30,000 Views on YouTube in Two Weeks!!

Thank you so much for helping "It's Chanukah!" get more than 30,000 views on youtube in two weeks!

Here are some of my favorite comments from fans on youtube:
  • "I love Santa with the air guitar. Great video and song."

  • "This was so cool! Really awesome song AND video <3 Have been waiting for this since last christmas :)  Really happy it turned out so great ;)"

  • "omg! I love this song soon much! :3"

  • "Very cute! Donald Faison tweeted that this was catchy, and he's right."

  • "I LOVE THIS! and I'm not even Jewish! Very funny!"
I'm very grateful to all my friends and fans for their support of the fun holiday song and music video. Thank you so much! Let's get to 100,000 next year!!!

Happy Holidays and here's to an amazing 2013!

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